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The robots with weapon can protect police from danger under the condition that the suspect refuses to make any negotiation. As is reported by The Washington Post on August 19, the negotiation with a criminal who cruelly killed five police officers broke down, so that a 3.5 feet wide and 4 feel long robot was guided by the Dallas Police to remotely blast him (Sullivan, Jackman and Fung, 2016). According to the police, the deadly plan of adopting the armed robot came up after the criminal displayed his intention to kill more police officers and said that “the end was coming”. In this case, the armed robot was legally justified against the criminal, because the decision eliminated the threat of the criminal without endangering more officers, as Robert Taylor, the professor of criminology at the University of Texas at Dallas has pointed. In such kind of circumstances, using an armed robot might be the only way to prevent more officers from being injured or killed.


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